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Neo Ireland; Why we support BizCamp

Prosperity in Northern Ireland, in fact the island of Ireland, depends on a robust participation in the global economy. An island-wide population of just over 6 million, is not sustaining. We need larger markets for growth.

The 21st century digital economy, green energy technologies and highly skilled service delivery are just a few of the excellent opportunities available to support the export our intellectual property and not our children. They no longer need to leave to find work; the jobs can be created here.

Strategically located, Ireland is central to time sensitive engineering and customer service delivery between the Americas and production lines in Asia.

Superior connectivity positioned Ireland to service New York and London financial markets. Location, connectivity and an established talent pool plus the emerging strength of financial markets across Asia now drives the island’s growing dominance in “fintech”.

We are individually and communally responsible to educate and re-skill for 21st Century. We must then market and assert those skills, develop centres of excellence, collaborate and cooperate island-wide. This is a radical shift from old models of education, employment and industry.

Our three tiered approach at the grassroots level involves:

Individual skill building

Confidence & personal development
Basic IT training for personal use and later access to free on-line learning communities
Coding skills & STEM education industry driven outside of schools until the educational institutions adapt
Supportive groups for the unemployed & underemployed to explore emerging opportunities or create new ones
Business development education and support

Signposting available resources
Group mentoring and support
Programs and events providing skill building and network development
Creating an “entrepreneurial ecosystem”

Events, seminars & small groups addressing historic & cultural obstacles to entrepreneurship
Signposting resources designed to provide mentorship and address our collective risk aversion
Events showcasing inspiring and encouraging success stories to start-ups
Programs to address the roots of our collective difficulty with ambition & self-promotion
We’re about more than just sustainability and ” jobs” – fundamentally, this is about culture change. We’re driving a call for excellence in leadership – in public service, in businesses and civically.

At Neo Ireland we create communities. We’re committed to a “prosperity process”. Advancing it requires the development of economic stakeholders.

That is, citizens focused on the individual and collective creation of wealth within their own communities. People who own their own businesses create sustainable jobs. Their children will no longer have to emigrate for work. An empowered and economically secure citizenry will find their voices and become politically engaged.

The long term impact of that engagement will be better governance – and the leadership it will take to sustain ourselves.

Here’s where you come in!

Join us in showcasing the positive stories, highlighting the examples of excellence and accepting nothing less than excellence from ourselves and others.
Mentor, volunteer and engage, especially with young people. Beyond skill building they need to see themselves and this place in a positive light.
Tell us what you think would help. In every team, every business, every community we accept a status quo that’s less than it can be.

Join us in changing that. Together we can take our lives here from good to great.

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