Colly Graham - BizCamp Testimonial


Colly Graham – BizCamp Testimonial

1. How did you, as entrepreneur, experience the event?

I like the atmosphere of the BIzcamp where everyone is treated as an equal with egos not on show, there is an almost spiritual feel about the event with each person sharing openly

2. What positive outcomes did Bizcamp bring to your business in 2013?

last BizCamp you may remember I told my life story warts and all, many people congratulated me on being honest and they realised I was a real person not someone who played a role

3. Why would you recommend it (participant and speaker)

It brings together speakers, participants and entrepreneurs from different walks of life where they meet on a common ground

4. What would you do differently if you’ll be a speaker this year?

Give people practical. actionable steps, that can not only grow their business but also increase their living experiences that they can find their true purpose in life and bring out within the geni (genius) that lies within everyone.

And how I discovered the Golden Buddha 🙂

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