Entrepreneurs are made, not born! Thankfully we live in an era where programs exist to support our learning curves. You’ll meet seven professionals ready to illustrate what it is we don’t know that we don’t know. There will be practical training and advice on sales, marketing, tendering and finance. There’ll be nothing dry or didactic about it. Four of the 6 experts are entrepreneurs themselves. They’ve started businesses, struggled with the same things you do and have come out the other side.

Michael Gerner

Precise Proposal Ltd

Leigh Curran

Bank of Ireland

Kevin McCaffrey

Conversion Rate Services

John Barclay

Bank Of Ireland

Gavin Walker

Business First

David Steele

Amazin Sales

Bill Ellison

Clear Accounting NI


Seven successful local entrepreneurs will share their journeys. The businesses they’ve built are in artisan foods, purpose built software, a home for creatives and a retail + online sales enterprise to support job creation & training.

Roger Warnock

The Book Reserve

Peter McCaul


Mike Thomson

Mike’s Fancy Cheese

Marianne Kennerley

Boom Studios

Kenneth Sharp

Owner at Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro

Jenna Stevenson


Allen McAdam

MCA Consulting


The dream is one thing – getting in shape to sustain and drive it is quite another. Our speakers will explore “design thinking”, goal setting, and putting down our digital devices to achieve balance in our lives. The “relationship building” that characterises 21st century sales will be covered while another speaker will address how best to identify the “priority tasks” that keep us focused. We’ll also hear about “extraordinarily ordinary people doing ordinarily extraordinary things” – which is, in fact, our experience of most “Bizcampers”.

Laura Mocanu

Elite Vision Coaching

Janice Muldoon

One Result

Gerry Faloona

Haven's Kitchen

Dave McClements

Core Consulting

Colly Graham

Sales Excellence

Anthony McCann

The Hummingbird Workshop

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We’ll determine our final roster in committee. Selections will be made based on relevant content and range of subjects.

BizCamp is User Generated 

You can shape the day! Tell us –

• What subjects are most relevant to your business

• Who you want to learn from – we’ll ask them to present

• Who you want to meet – we’ll invite them.

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Our past speakers have included:

  • Brian Hunter
  • Willis McBriar
  • Geraldine Fusciardi
  • Andrew Keogh
  • Neil O’Brien
  • Louise Friel
  • Barry Adams
  • Gerry Faloona
  • Aaron Taylor
  • Diane Roberts
  • David McKeown
  • David Crozier
  • Jill Robb
  • Jordan McClements
  • Lee Munroe
  • Nik Fox
  • Nicola Hamill
  • Emma Gunnes
  • Diarmuid Sloan
  • Nichola Bates
  • Rory Campbell
  • Roger Priestly
  • Jon-Paul Bruce
  • Colm Colgan
  • Bill McCartney
  • Niall McKeown
  • Mark Haslam
  • Orlaith Carmody
  • Hugh Burgess
  • Natasha Daryaie
  • Marianne Kennerly
  • Mark Finlay
  • Michelle Gallen
  • Bill McCallion
  • Ann Rodgers
  • Daniel McVicker
  • Declan Woods
  • Eibhlin Boydell
  • Jacqueline McGonigle 
  • Michael Haigney
  • Nick Hutchinson 
  • Stuart McLean
  • Ian Graham 
  • Kevin Parker
  • Michael Crossey
  • Colly Graham
  • John McMullan
  • Catherine Cunningham
  • John Ferguson
  • Norbert Sagnard
  • Allen McAdam
  • Veronica Morris
  • Eve Earley
  • John Ahern
  • Glen Davidson
  • Kevin McCaffery
  • Paul Haslam
  • Ken Sharp
  • Jonny Kirk
  • Juliana Sloan
  • Vikas Sahni
  • Russell Moore 
  • Peter Watters
  • Gavin McKechnie
  • Seamus Jones
  • Gareth Dunlop
  • Sven Kielgas
  • Andrew Cowan
  • Allen Baird
  • Breege McManus
  • Brian Owens
  • Deborah Boyd
  • Jason Bell
  • Keith Bohanna
  • Marie McStay
  • Kathleen Holmlund
  • Denise Cowan
  • Paul McAlister
  • Una Murphy
  • Yanky Fachler
  • Michael McKeown
  • JulieAnne Lawlor
  • Tracy Dempsey
  • Leo Larkin
  • Simon Smith
  • Lyra McKee
  • Ken Fitzpatrick
  • Tim McKane
  • Gwynneth Cockcroft