Day 1
11 Sep 2015
09:00 - 09:30


09:30 - 09:40

Session One Transition

What are Financial Statements Talking About?

Non-financial managers can learn the attention to numbers that controlling, growing & scaling your business requires. Bill offers a clear and straightforward means of staying on in control of your...
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The Future of Sales – Selling in 21st Century

The World Wide Web and social media has changed the face of selling. The role of the sales person has changed radically over the last century. What does the salesperson...
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An Innovator’s Approach to Development

An expert in the entrepreneurial pivot, Allen applies his business experience to a consultancy with a mission is to utilise EU and government funding. An expert on rural development, he...
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10:10 - 10:20

Session Two Transition

The Craic with Business Growth

Achieving clarity is key for every business owner. This talk will focus on how to define and address “priority tasks” for yourself and your business. He’ll challenge you to be...
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A Tech Founder’s Roller Coaster Ride

A Propel graduate, Peter’s been riding a Tech Founder’s 4 year roller coaster. His career start was in Production Control followed by several years in hospitality between the US, Oz and eventually owning his...
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Master Your Approach to Bank Funding

Leigh will provide an in depth look at the credit process SMEs face.There are “dos and don’ts” that can significant ease your way. He’ll also provide and a view into...
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10:50 - 11:00

Session Three Transition

Tender Lessons from My Irish Mammy!

Michael offers a humorous, tongue-in-cheek session covering key lessons on what it takes to win bids and tenders. There is something for everyone, novices and veterans alike.

The Proximity Principal

We’re invited to become “extraordinarily ordinary people doing ordinarily extraordinary things. All we need can be found in the ordinary aspects of our lives, often among those most proximate to us. Anthony wears many hats:...
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From Grove to Growth, Putting NI Produce on the Map!

Jenna’s university degree in Sports Science and a keen interest in healthy lifestyles along with a serendipitous work experience in an Australian olive grove, left her with a taste for artisan foods. Small producers...
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11:30 -11:40

Session Four Transition

Making Things. Making Things Work

Boom! Collective, Studios & Gallery cofounder, Marianne will share their startup story of 3 creative practioners determined to have a positive impact on the town centre while developing their individual...
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Selling on Amazon – Maximise Your Company’s Potential!

Amazin Sales is the only dedicated Amazon training company in the UK & Ireland. David’s been selling on line for 14 years. Along with a team of translators & brand specialists he ensures that...
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Change Your Life!

Motivation is key to every message Gerry delivers. A professional speaker trainer, entrepreneur & chef, his passion is driving economic regeneration in Belfast. He runs a culinary program delivering career and life skills to...
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12:10 - 12:20

Session Five Transition

5 Principles of Highly Successful Marketing

Kevin has grown Conversion Rate Services, a conversion rate optimisation agency, from startup. His software development background has helped him bring data analysis skills to on-line marketing. He analyses client’s website sales performance  builds...
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Design Thinking for Business Growth!

Design Thinking has found its way in to the parlance of how entrepreneurs should view innovation. What is it? Laura will take you through 10 Tools to bring a design...
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Lessons in Crowdfunding

Mike shares his startup & crowd funding adventure having begun his artisan cheese company by raising £80,000 to become NI’s first raw-milk blue cheese manufacturer. The journey from The School of Artisan Food where...
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12:50 - 13:30

Lunch and Networking

13:30 - 13:40

Session Six Transition

Are You Goal Ready?

High performers don’t set a goal, they set multiple goals. Measures of success and accountability are key. Goals are regularly changed to reflect customer needs, competition and economics. Need to...
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Co-Opetition – What’s in it for me?

Business is often about getting your ‘slice of the pie’. Imagine that “Co-operating Competitors” can help. Ken will highlight real examples in Tourism and Hospitality here in Ards & North...
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Access to Finance, Ask a Banker!

Branch Manager for Bank of Ireland in Newtownards, John’s 30 years’ experience in departmental and branch banking makes him an expert on what SME’s require. More specifically, he’s the region’s Agriculture Specialist for the Bank....
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14:10 - 14:20

Session Seven Transition

Buy a Book, Have a Cuppa & Build a New Future

Passionate about entrepreneurship, social innovation and working to solve major social issue in NI, Roger & team leader, Jim Smith will describe the startup journey at The Book Reserve and The Thinking Cup Café....
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“Win the Editor’s Heart, How to create an effective PR Strategy”

Why not learn from the editor of NI’s own Business First Magazine? Column inches are critical to the marketing strategy of every small business and what better value than learning to get you...
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Do Not Disturb! Put Down Your Smart Phone, Take Back Your Life!

Productivity in business can actually improve substantially when we take time to disconnect! Being super-connected has made us disconnected and unable to unwind & recharge our own batteries. Janice has had over 20 years experience...
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