Performance (1)_Fotor_CollageDon’t go it alone” is the advice we give & get on our journeys. BizCamps  remind us you don’t have to!

Entrepreneurs and the self employed have much to learn from jazz musicians and software developers – creativity thrives in collaboration.

Our third theme addresses precisely that.

Each speaker presents (and models) what bringing your best self to the tasks at hand requires. They are inspiring while pragmatic, innovative and resilient.

Listen carefully beyon the talk titles. A lesson in adaptability and relationship building underlies a “sales” talk.  It turns out “the craic in business” is prioritising, professionally and personally!

The collective “expertise” they offer is grounded in their own entrepreneurship. They are successful precisely because they have developed these skills – they set goals keeping priorities in line with their values.

The message is simple: skill building, self care and appreciating the fact that we may be “extraordinarily ordinary people” but we are capable of “ordinarily extraordinary things

Gerry Faloona‘s been described as a “Motivational Guru” and serial entrepreneur. His dynamic presentations are simply a reflection of the man himself. His personal outreach and professional life are grounded in his connection to family, his Belfast neighbourhood and his passion to drive economic regeneration there. The Core-Vision business consultancy is housed in the Townsend Enterprise Park.  As a board member, his hands-on approach can be seen in its growth to an 85% occupancy rate. An accomplished chef, he shares that skill in “Heaven’s Kitchen“. It’s a culinary arts program designed to give unemployed young people an opportunity to develop career opportunities and hope.

Laura Mocanu is here as the business development mentor and coach she has become. Her passion for continuing education and career development has driven her own trajectory and is illustrative of the “Design Thinking” she presents. A “blowin” she has an impressive background as a Marketing Professional in her native Romania. Here she’s achieved qualifications in conflict resolution, coaching, training and even sign language. A Business Mentor for The Prince’s Trust, she is an excellent workshop facilitator and organiser. Elite Vision Coaching‘s tag line is “peak potential and positive transformations” for Laura, it’s a way of life.

Geraldine Fusciardi is a veteran BizCamp presenter because the feedback is always excellent. A international sales professional for over 20 years with a significant corporate track record, she is also an entrepreneur. She founded Strategy Structure Sales in 2005. Her work there included mentoring high potential startups. She supported fund-raising initiatives, their business planning, sales & marketing strategy and execution. Currently Managing Director overseeing R&D, sales, marketing and strategy at Ardbrin Ltdshe brings hands-on experience in strategy development and execution to this presentation. Goal setting matters – creating a culture for it is even better!

Dave McClements is well known to participants in the Signal Business Centre‘s business support programs having delivered business growth programs there for a decade. What they may not know is how the corporate clients of Core Consulting describe him. Repeatedly what comes up are “realistic”, “insightful”, “practical” and our favourite reflection: “His input has without doubt improved our business, but more importantly our bottom line.” Achieving clarity is key for every business owner.Inherent in that is the personal support Dave and his team deliver. His talk will focus on how to define and address “priority tasks” for yourself and your business.

Colly Graham will address the challenge of selling in an environment where everything has changed – he knows first hand, he’s distinguished himself have “carried the bag”! Easily establishing rapport & credibility in a his training is owed to a 30 year track record. An NLP Master Practitioner he’s worked with over 500 companies since establishing Salesexcellence two decades ago. Working extensively in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and Asia, at the core Colly’s success as a trainer is simple, he models his own resilience. The keys to selling in the 21st century have been the keys to that success: adaptability and building relationships.

Anthony McCann – is the creative director of Hummingbird Culture Change, the Hummingbird Actors Studio, and Celebrancy N.I. His many roles include keynote speaker, consultant, coach singer-songwriter and academic. An entrepreneur  with many ‘strings to his bow’, he is currently an associate lecturer in Peacebuilding for Loughborough University His previous academic affiliations have included Universities in the US, UK and Ireland. Anthony’s specialisms include leadership, culture change, cultural sustainability, professional ethics, music and copyright. He is currently on the team of the World Health Innovation Summit 2016.

Central to all his efforts as a speaker, consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator is embracing the right methodology in order to inspire people to reimagine and redesign their relationships, working environments and communities.

One iteration of that is an exploration of Garaiocht“An Irish value for an energised Ireland”. The word describes, in Irish a uniquely Irish experience, not unlike ubuntu. His talk on “The Proximity Principle” is a simple and brilliant distillation of that research. We’re invited to become “extraordinarily ordinary people doing ordinarily extraordinary things

Janice Muldoon, co-director of One-Result, is a business strategist, mentor and coach with a twenty year track record. She’s worked on entrepreneurial business development in Canada and the UK, in sectors as diverse as property development and the beauty industry. The entrepreneurial experience can be isolating. Her coaching provides a reliable sounding board for ideas while helping owners and managers to achieve both personal and business goals.

Janice helps her clients identify the obstacles to their success. This presentation is an outgrowth of that. She’s experienced first hand and with clients the increase in productivity one gleans by simply taking time to disconnect. Super-connected leaves us unable to unwind and recharge our batteries. She’ll outline just how to ‘pull the plug’, put your smart phone down and take back your life!

The most important message to take away from a BizCamp experience is that these talented professionals, generous with their wisdom and experience live and work among us.

We invite you to introduce yourselves to them all and help us to champion their work.


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