Here's what you missed!


Here’s what you missed!

And sadly, even those of us who were there – missed 2/3 of the speakers! The choices were challenging – and on the plus side thanks to Alan Meban of “Alan in Belfast” we have audio recordings of the 15 sessions before lunch!

BizCampAND.Roster 3.1.xlsx

Select one you missed, or pass one along. BizCamp is not just a day long event – it’s an ongoing symposium!

On Possibilities: Marianne Kennerly, Allen McAdam, Peter McCaul, Jenna Stevenson and Mike Thomson

On Practicalities: Leigh Curran, Bill Ellison, Michael Gerner, Kevin McCaffery and David Steele

On Performance: Gerry Faloona, Colly Graham, Anthony McCann, Laura Mocanu and Dave McClements

We’re gathering some additional audio and the videos that were shot in two out of three of the rooms.

As we receive slides from the speakers they will be added to the BizCampNI SlideShare account.

When the video presentations are available, you will find them at BizCampNI on YouTubeFor now you can enjoysome of our historic BizCampNI videos as well as a few of our favourites. You are welcome to suggest some for us to include and we encourage you to send us a brief audio testimonial of your own.

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