#BizCampAND - It's almost here!


#BizCampAND – It’s almost here!

We’re 10 days out and counting. We’re finalising the speaker line-up and we’re excited about the program.

Thank you to the Paula Ault & the team at the Signal Business Centre for inviting us to be part of the launch of their fall programs. Join us on the day to hear exactly what courses and outreach efforts are in store for you whether you are a seasoned business owner – or considering a startup.

And if you need inspiration, motivation or “a push” to make that leap, Ards & North Down Council has just the remedy!

BizCamp will be followed by a Masterclass with David Meade. He’s a world class executive trainer with blue chip clients in Europe & the US. A home grown, Ulster University graduate – David is living proof that every business has global opportunities.

Beyond an inspiring talk, he’ll be sharing precisely how he has combined an interest in popular psychology, consumer behaviour and choice to create an innovative approach to developing personal and business strategies.

Leadership is job one and it starts with you.

Have you registered? Please do – we’re looking forward to sharing the wisdom, inspiration and success stories of your peers. If they can do it – certainly the rest of us can too!

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